DHH Held Seminar on the Theme of Comprehensive Solution Path for Cross-border Criminal Risks

Release time:2024-04-15 11:01

On 12th April 2024, in order to deepen the promotion of the rule of law in the Greater Bay Area continuously, fully construct a high ground for the rule of law in the new era, and strengthen the business environment under the rule of law comprehensively, Beijing DHH (Hong Kong) Law Firm, DHH Research Institute Greater Bay Area Branch and DHH Criminal Practice Center held a seminar on the theme of comprehensive solution paths for cross-border criminal risks, various important guests attended the event.
Lawyer WEN Guihe, Director and Senior Equity Partner of DHH (Shenzhen) and Lawyer ZHANG Yi, Director of DHH (Hong Kong), delivered speeches. Lawyer SU Linlin, Executive Director and Equity Partner of DHH (Hong Kong), moderated.
Lawyer LIN Qian, Director of DHH International Trade and Customs Center and Senior Equity Partner , shared the topic of "Major Risk Points of False and Concealed Reporting of Tax Evasion and Smuggling".
Lawyer XU Hongliang, Director of DHH Criminal Practice Center and Senior Equity Partner, shared his views on the topic of "Criteria for Determining ‘Laundering’ in Cross-Border Money Laundering Cases".
Lawyer YU Xiaoqiang, Executive Director of DHH (Shanghai) and Senior Equity Partner , delivered a speech on the topic of "Paths and Applications of Criminal Offences in Foreign-related Criminal Cases".
Lawyer DUAN Zhigang, Director and Senior Equity Partner of DHH (Jinan) , made a presentation on the topic of "The Current Situation of Cross-border Internet Gambling Crimes and Governance and Prevention".
Lawyer HU Hai, General Secretary of DHH Research Institute Greater Bay Area Branch and Senior Equity Partner , gave an in-depth sharing on the topic of "Research on Money Laundering Offences in Cross-border Payment Settlement".
The theme of the roundtable discussion was "Comparison of Criminal Procedure Systems in Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland". Lawyer ZHANG Yi acted as the moderator, and senior Hong Kong lawyers, lawyer TAN Bili, lawyer ZHUANG Mingfei, lawyer XIE Daocun and lawyer LIANG Hanwei, as the guests of honour, discussed and exchanged ideas with each other in light of their own areas of specialisation and practical experience.
After the seminar, the participants took a picture together.

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