DH&DHH Lawyers Went to Australia for International Cooperation and Communication

Release time:2024-04-15 14:32
From 5th to 11th April 2024, LI Xuxiu, President of Shandong DH Law Firm, YANG Peiyin, Executive President , ZHANG Meiping, Executive Vice President, Senior Equity Partner and Head of Sydney Office, and CHENG Yalin, Director of International Affairs Support Center of Beijing DHH Law Firm, visited Jurisbridge Legal, KL International Lawyers, FCG Legal, Auyeung Hencent & Day Lawyers, LMP Immigration, Polczynski Robinson, HFW and other law firms in Australia and had full communication with the heads of the relevant law firms, key partners and team leaders.
During the visit, President LI and his team made a systematic introduction of the development status of DH and DHH, as well as the future development direction and key work in recent years. Over the past thirty years since its establishment in 1993, DH has worked closely around the direction of standardisation, branding, specialisation, teamwork, informatisation and scaling, based on the traditional practice, constantly developing and innovating, and has achieved rapid and steady development. In 2010, DHH was launched on the basis of DH Beijing office, becoming a new platform based in Beijing and facing the entire country, focusing on the areas of Securities and Capital Market, Cross-border M&A and International Trade, Intellectual Property, Internet and Intellectual Property Rights and other non-litigation practice areas. DH and DHH have implemented integrated management and development, and the two brands are driving simultaneously. At present, there are more than 50 offices in China, with more than 4,500 lawyers and employees, and the scale ranks among the top ten law firms in China.
This year, DH and DHH started a new thirty-year journey. Combined with the current development pattern of building a domestic and international double-cycle mutual promotion and the background of accelerating the construction of foreign-related rule of law, in order to further promote the high-quality development of the firm, enhance the influence of the firm's brand, strengthen the internationalisation and enhance the firm's capacity and strength of foreign-related legal services have become one of the firm's key tasks. As one of the pioneers of legal service globalization in China, DH and DHH have set up more than ten Ministry of Justice certified directly owned overseas branches and representative offices in North America, Russia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and other regions. In addition, DH and DHH have a team of high-quality foreign-related lawyers practicing in multiple jurisdictions, and have established cooperative relationships with more than 200 law firms and more than 20,000 outstanding offshore lawyers from the major cities of various countries around the world.
DH and DHH have been focusing on and attaching importance to the Australian legal services market, and set up a Sydney office in 2017 to provide two-way legal services for the needs of clients in China and Australia, especially to safeguard the legal rights and interests of Chinese citizens and commercial entities.In recent years, due to the impact of Covid-19, the communication between China and Australia have been limited, but DH and DHH still undertook a large number of business related to Australia, in terms of industry classification, mainly in traditional industries, but also in emerging fields such as minerals, new energy, medicine, etc. The business areas involved in Cross-border Investment, Due Diligence, International Trade Disputes, Cross-border Debt Collection, Contractual Disputes and Family Disputes, etc. Also, DH and DHH successfully managed the first case of the recognition and enforcement of the civil conciliation statement of a Chinese court in Australia, which has created a new legal precedent.These Australian-related practices originated from the large client base of DH and DHH, and were successfully handled with the assistance and co-operation of a number of Australian law firms and professional organisations.
On the basis of the original foundation, DH and DHH will further enhance the strength of the Australian practice, solidify the Sydney office, and prepare for the Melbourne office, so as to provide one-stop and value-added services for the majority of Chinese clients' business in Australia. It is expected that the firms will continue to broaden the cooperation field, innovate the cooperation approaches, gather professional service capacity, and continuously improve the two-way legal service capacity of China and Australia, so as to better provide assistance to the Chinese enterprises and citizens.
During the communication, each law firm introduced its own establishment, development and key areas, fully communicated and shared their views on the situation of the legal service market in China and Australia and its changes, clients' needs, practice expansion and resource sharing in recent years.

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