Beijing DHH ((Haikou) Law Firm’s establishment was authorized by Department of Justice of Hainan Province on December 9, 2014. Beijing DHH (Haikou)Law Office came from Hainan Yurun Law Firm, which was very influential in Hainan Province. The firm is located in the financial and economic center of Haikou city-Guomao, founded in 1993, and was restructured into a partnership law firm in 1997.

At present, DHH Haikou Law Firm’s office is about 400 square meters. There are 20 lawyers skilled in the fields of real estate, criminal cases, and religion creating professional legal service platforms in those fields. DHH Haikou Law Firm’s clients include many real estate enterprises, temples, government organizations, and public institutions, and it has built good relations with the government and different industries as well to develop an extensive legal service network.


Address: 16/F, New HNA Building, No.7 Guoxing Avenue, Meilan District, Haikou, Hainan, PRC
Tel: +86-898-68537591
Fax: +86-898-68533859
E-mail: haikou@deheheng.com