Beijing Deheheng (Changsha) Law Firm (DHH Changsha) is a legal service agency established by Beijing Deheheng Law Firm (DHH) in Changsha. As the ideal “virtue as the foundation, harmony as the treasure and perseverance as the standard” puts it, DHH Changsha adheres to the principles of "peering with the predestined, peering with the wise, peering with the benevolent, and peering with the brave" and sticks to the concept of "working happily and living happily”, devoting to providing customers with high-quality legal services.
DHH Changsha has an excellent legal team with both good education background and many years of practical experience. There are currently 6 honorary directors (i.e. Qiu Qixiong, Huang Mingru, Wang Feiyue, Liu Qixiang, Liu Jianshi and Li Xiaoping), 10 senior partners (Duan Qijun, Li Guimei, Yang Haoran, Duan Yunfeng, Deng Xiaojia, Zhou Houyou, Tan Shujuan, Huang Chanjuan, Hao Weihong and Liao Wei); more than 50 lawyers, among which there are 16 doctors of law, 30 masters, and 14 returnees. What’s more, the Law Firm has hired some well-known legal professors, such as Ma Changsheng, Qu Maohui, Xiao Haijun, Nie Lize andYang Kaixiang, etc., to serve as legal counsels, and the same goes for some retired expert-type leaders of CPC Hunan Provincial Committee of Politics and Law, Hunan Provincial Supreme Peoples’ Court, Hunan Provincial People’s Procuratorate, Hunan Provincial SASAC and Changsha Arbitration Commission. In addition, research institutes such as Hunan Criminal Law Research and the Legal Research Center for Non-performing Assets under the Hunan Provincial Law Society are all linked to the Law firm. DHH (Changsha) is also the representative office of the Russia-China Industrial Park of Russia.
DHH Changsha has two major characteristics: First, there is a high proportion of lawyers with high academic qualifications. About 20 lawyers have senior professional titles (professors or first-class honor); Second, there is a high-level criminal law research team and criminal defense team of China. DHH Changsha forms a number of practice centers, with professional lawyers as the backbone including Duan Qijun, Li Guimei, Yang Haoran, Duan Yunfeng, Deng Xiaojia, Zhou Houyou, Tan Shujuan, Huang Chanjuan, Hao Weihong, and Liao Wei. Its practice areas cover criminal procuration and criminal defenses, corporate and M&A, banking and finance, intellectual property, finance and taxation, real estate, construction engineering, asset management and funds, PPP and real estate finance, trusts and insurance, capital markets and securities, bankruptcy and restructuring, commercial dispute resolution, government and state-owned enterprises, international businesses under the Belt and Road Initiative and other legal services. The Law Firm implements a separate pension management system for the employees who have worked for the Firm for ten years and reached retirement age.

Address: 23/F, Legal Service Hall, No. 8 Ziwei Road, Furong District, Changsha, Hunan, P.R. China
Tel: +86-731-85415808