Beijing DHH (Shijiazhuang) Law Firm has an outstanding legal team, the mainstay of which are lawyers of high education, high qualification adn rich experiences. The Law Firm recruits professional and versatile lawyers who are dedicate to legal profession and have professional speciality in a certain area. Up to now, there are more than 50 qualified lawyers, with the core team members having more than 12 years of practicing experience and more than 70% of lawyers having master's degrees in law.
Beijing DHH (Shijiazhuang) Law Firm is committed to providing clients with the best commercial legal service in China. It consists of five practice centers, i.e. Real Estate, Construction, PPP and Finance, Taxation, and Dispute Resolution, all deeming the needs of the clients as a priority, upholding the principle of “being professional, dedicated, specialist and concentrated”, and putting “speciality division, team work and high-quality services” at the first place. In order to provide high-quality and high-efficiency legal service, rigorous case processing management, customer experience management and case quality monitoring systems are created, aiming to become a high-end law firm of proper scale, specialization and internationalization in handling commercial affairs.
Relying on the powerful resources from professional teams of Deheng Law Group and the specialty of itself, Beijing DHH (Shijiazhuang) Law Firm is building a legal team with standardized management, corporate operation and professional service, focusing on high-end commercial practices, covering real estate development, land expropriation, construction, PPP and finance, taxation, dispute resolution (civil, commercial, criminal and administrative) and so on.

Address: 9/F, Hanke Mansion, Jianshe North Street, Chang'an District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, P.R. China
Tel: +86-311-66189528