Government Affairs

Government-related practice is one of DHH's core practice areas. The practice team is comprised of highly experienced lawyers in government-related legal services. The team is composed by five departments including legal consulting, administrative dispute resolution, bureaucracy management, fiscal and taxation, and labor law. Lawyers of the team all graduated from prestigious Chinese law schools and many of them have former working experiences in governmental agencies, state-owned enterprises or well-known universities.
Over the years, the team has provided an array of legal services for numerous governmental agencies and has drafted, reviewed and revised government regulatory documents. Furthermore, the team has successfully handled cases involving administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation and has also provided legal services for some major government investment projects.
The team has acquired rich experience in government-related matters through years of practicing. Adhering to the principle of "professionalism and concentration
", the team has become increasingly professional in every aspect of government-related practice.