Cross-border Investment & M&A

The team of international practice is comprised of highly experienced lawyers with education and practice backgrounds in countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Japan and Russia. As experts in the fast-growing global legal market, the team is capable of providing legal services for both Chinese companies' overseas business and foreign companies' investment in China.
The lawyers of international practice team are proficient in languages such as English, German, Korean, Japanese and Russian and are capable of providing a variety of services ranging from legal research, legal consulting, negotiation, to drafting contracts and other legal documents. The team is committed to provide the best legal solution possible for our clients by working as a team where each lawyer specializes in different areas of law such as foreign investment, securities, intellectual property, customs matters, foreign exchange and labor law. Moreover, since DHH has overseas offices in various countries around the world and maintains close and friendly relationships with many foreign law firms, the team of international practice can serve our clients better by utilizing foreign resources.