In order to help Chinese enterprises to enter Russia and provide legal services for Chinese enterprises in Russia, the St. Petersburg Office of Beijing DHH Law Firm, also known as DHH Chinese Law Center in St. Petersburg, was established on May 14th, 2017.
St. Petersburg Office of Beijing DHH Law Firm is composed of a number of Chinese and Russian lawyers with extensive experience, whose working languages are Russian, Chinese, and English. And their practice areas include but are not limited to legal advice, commercial litigation and corporate business. Not only does the St. Petersburg Office maintain close ties with the Committee on External Relations of St. Petersburg, Federation of Overseas Chinese in St. Petersburg, the Russia-China Business Center, as well as renowned local enterprises and Chinese enterprises in Russia, but also works closely with the famous law firms in St. Petersburg and its surrounding areas. As a result, it can satisfy the needs of clients in many fields with high-quality legal services.
DHH China Law Center in St. Petersburg aims to spread knowledge of Chinese law for Russian enterprises and individuals, as well as to provide training, consulting and other legal services for Russian enterprises and individuals wishing to enter China.
The St. Petersburg Office is located at 6th Tower, No. 103, Vasili Street, St. Petersburg, Russia. We sincerely invite all Chinese and Russian enterprises and communities to visit us. At the same time, we offer legal services of the highest quality to promote the development of cooperation between Chinese and Russian enterprises!

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