Dispute Resolution Center

Dispute resolution is one of the strongest practice areas at DHH Law Firm. The Dispute Resolution Team is comprised of more than 100 lawyers with strong educational backgrounds, in-depth legal knowledge and diverse practical experience. As a top-tier professional team in the industry, the team has successfully handled a large number of controversial and highly complicated cases. Based on the different areas of specialization of the lawyers, our team is divided into three departments including criminal law, civil law and administrative law. By adhering to the principle of "common practice training, common professional standards, common legal research and common business expansion", the team is able to provide high-quality and comprehensive legal services for clients.
The criminal law department was established in 1993 and is one of DHH’s strongest department. Currently, it is comprised of more than 50 criminal-law specialists, among whom hold Master's degrees in criminal law or criminal defense. In general, each lawyer handles more than 10 cases annually, among which some cases are particularly nationally influential. DHH’s criminal law department is renowned within the Chinese legal community for its high quality of service, professional attitude, and high rate of successful outcomes.
The civil law department is one of DHH’s leading departments and is led by a group of excellent lawyers with extensive experience in this area. Seeking "win-win cooperation,” the department adheres “client-oriented” legal service and emphasizes intra-department cooperation. In order to provide detailed and effective legal solutions to our clients, the department leverages the capabilities of each lawyer within the team. Consequently, the civil law department is highly valued by our clients for its leading service quality and dedication.
The administrative law department is comprised of a number of partners and senior lawyers specializing in fields such as constitutional law, administrative law, and procedural law. Prior to joining DHH, many lawyers worked as judges, law school professors, police officers, and customs officers. All members of the department are equipped with not only ample legal knowledge but also with rich practical experiences. Over the years, the 
administrative law department has provided a variety of services such as legal consulting, administrative litigation, and training on administrative law for our clients.