Qianhai, is a key focal point of the national‘12th Five-Year Plan,’ enforcing the policy of‘zone of the zone,’ and it undertakes the special historical mission to explore the development of opening up and scientific development, the development of cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and new experiences to change the mode of economic development. As a positive response to the implementation of Qianhai's development strategy, Beijing DHH Law Firm made efforts to broaden areas of legal services in Qianhai and established a high-end commercial legal service agencies in Shenzhen named Beijing DHH(Qianhai) Law Firm.

Beijing DHH(Qianhai) Law Firm is located in Tianxia International Centre in Nanshan District of Shenzhen which is convenient to commute. Beijing DHH(Qianhai) Law Firm has numerous lawyers who are experienced professionals both in the legal and commercial areas.

Beijing DHH(Qianhai) Law Firm currently has several teams such as Corporate Law and M&A team, Commercial Disputes team, Securities and Capital Market team, Legal Services for Listed Company team, Real-estate and Construction team, Intellectual Property team, Criminal Defense team, Fund team, International Trade and Customs team, etc.. Adhering to the professional division of labor and teamwork, each team ensures the mechanism of strict control and supervision of the case handling process, continuous innovation, and customer service management law. Adhering to the belief of “Professionalism, Specialization, Cooperation and Dedication," the firm ensures strict control and supervision in the case handling process, and continuously creates satisfying customer service and management of law firm.

Beijing DHH provides thoughtful, professional, effective, and high-quality legal services for its clients.

Beijing DHH(Qianhai) Law Firm has a wide range of clients, including various types of large and medium-sized enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, traditional manufacturing companies, well-known domestic and foreign banks, financial and insurance companies, investment funds, TMT industry, real estate companies, and other types of institutions or enterprise. DHH also provides legal services for the government, industrial associations, institutions, and citizens.

Key Clients
Samsung Electronics, Baitao Architectural, ,Shenzhen International Holdings Limited, Xinhua brocade Group Co Ltd, Tongzhou Electronics, Powerise, Dongri Xinbo, Geleibo, Guoren Communication, Youkang Health,etc..

Significant Cases
Provided legal services for Samsung Electronics in mainland China;
Provided legal services involving daily consultancy for a Malaysian company ;
Provided legal services for Youkang Health and more than ten companies’ listing on the New Third Board in China;
Issued legal opinions on registration of the manager of private equity funds for the Yingxin Asset Management Company, and successfully passed the review of China Fund Industry Association. It is the very first legal opinion of a registered but un-recorded private equity fund manager in china.

Honors(Last 5 years)
Jan. 2016    DHH Annual Branding Promotion Award


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