Securities Center

As one of DHH's specializing legal team, the team of securities and capital market was established in 2000 and is comprised of more than 40 members, including partners and specializing lawyers. Each and every member of the securities and capital market team has extensive experience in securities and other finance-related areas. In addition, a number of lawyers have securities practicing qualification, the qualification of the board of directors of listed company and qualification to practice law in the United States. Committing to the principle of "one for all, all for one", the team provides legal services with teamwork and ensures the service quality by emphasizing specialization as well as cooperation.
The team has provided professional legal services in public offering of stock and bonds, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity financing for over 100 companies. The team has also provided effective legal solutions for more than 300 companies' restructuring. Besides being listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, our clients' IPO location includes, among others, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ and London Stock Exchange.
System construction has always been the top priority of our internal management. In order to minimize business risks for our clients, the team has established the internal reviewing system and confidentiality system. Furthermore, in order to keep our professional legal service at a high level, all members of the team receive job training on a regular basis.