Beijing DHH (Wuhan) Law Firm is a legal services institution established by Beijing DHH Law Firm. Hubei Gaochi Law Firm, which was set up in January, 2008, affiliated with DHH and formed the current DHH Wuhan. DHH Wuhan has more than 40 counsel, among others, 5 LL. Ds, 4 law professors, 6 overseas returnees, 5 insurance assessors, and 3 patent attorneys.

DHH Wuhan has gained a great reputation in the area of Intellectual Property in China and was awarded by the Justice Bureau of Wuhan and Intellectual Property Office of Wuhan as the “Exemplary Law Firm of Intellectual Property Legal Services”. It maintains long-term cooperation with many well-known enterprises such as Beijing Sohu, Shenzhen Thunder and Kweichow Moutai and has dealt with over 1500 litigation cases and over 3000 non-litigation cases of Intellectual Property.

DHH Wuhan also focuses on insurance law legal services and has served as legal counsel for more than 50 Hubei branch offices of insurance companies. It has dealt with over 4000 cases related to insurance.

Another legal focus of DHH Wuhan is the area of logistics and traffic accidents. It has served as legal counsel for many logistics enterprises covering 30% of all the freight vehicles in Wuhan, and has dealt with more than 10,000 traffic accident disputes.

DHH Wuhan is also expert in real estate and construction legal services and has acted as legal counsel for over 30 real estate and construction enterprises. It has handled more than 100 real estate and construction-related cases involving an amount of over RMB 30 million and is experienced in project funds settlement and project funds recovery.

Except for all the legal areas above, DHH Wuhan also handles other legal practice areas including litigation and financing, criminal defense, small and medium-sized enterprises legal services and patents. 

Address: 51/F, Yuexiu Fortune Center, No.1 Zhongshan Avenue, Qiaokou District, Wuhan, Hubei, PRC
Tel: +86-27-59721111
E-mail: wuhan@deheheng.com