Lawyer Su Linlin and Lawyer Zhao Qiannan of DHH was selected into the fourth batch of foreign-related lawyers talent pool in Guangdong province.

Release time:2021-12-28 14:09
In order to further improve the reserve mechanism of foreign-related legal service talents in Guangdong province, enrich the talents team of foreign-related lawyers in Guangdong province, improve the level and international influence of foreign-related legal services, cultivate a group of high-quality foreign-related legal service talents who are familiar with international rules and have an international vision, and build a group of foreign-related legal service institutions with large scale, great strength and high-level services, Guangdong Lawyers Association has carried out the application work of the fourth batch of  foreign-related lawyers talent pool in Guangdong Province. Through layers of screening, Lawyers Su Linlin and Zhao Qiannan of Beijing DHH (Shenzhen) Law Firm have been successfully selected into the foreign-related lawyers pioneer talent pool and the foreign-related lawyers new talent pool in Guangdong Province respectively. 

Under the supervision of the Board of Supervisors of Guangdong Lawyers Association, and through examination, centralized deliberation, secret ballot and other procedures, 14 lawyers were finally selected into the foreign-related lawyers leading talent pool, 65 lawyers into the foreign-related lawyers pioneer talent pool and 151 lawyers into the foreign-related lawyers new talent pool. The successful selection of lawyers from DHH Shenzhen branch has further consolidated the foundation of foreign-related legal services of the Shenzhen Branch and also encouraged the Shenzhen Branch to continue to provide clients with high-quality and efficient cross-border transaction solutions, which serves the national development strategies of "the Belt and Road initiative" and "the Greater Bay Area", and provide better legal services for Chinese enterprises to "go global" and for foreign enterprises to "come in".

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