Top 10 News of DHH Overseas Offices in 2020

Release time:2021-01-14 15:16
During the period from January to March, DHH HK coordinated with the Securities Center of DHH Group to advise China Hongguang (08646.HK) and Ximei Resources (09936.HK) on their offering and listing respectively.

In early February, Doctor Liu Hua form the Japanese team of DHH Group risked her life to fly to Tokyo and managed to purchase N95 masks for DHH Group and relevant departments.
In February, the Moscow Office donated RUB200k to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Russia to support the Chinese enterprises and people in Russia to fight against the COVID19 pandemic.
In March, the Moscow Office was engaged by the parties in the case where 80 Chinese citizens were subjected to the judgement of the first trial by the Russian court to be expelled due to violation of the anti-pandemic prevention rules and represented them in the appeal which lasted for nearly 9 months and achieved the good result of rescission of the original judgement.

In April, the three DHH offices in United States, Russia and Hong Kong launched the online legal services and drafted the anti-pandemic legal assistance guide respectively.


In June and July, Tang Zhifeng, the director of DHH KAN & LL (Qianhai) Law Firm relocated to the associated law firms in Hong Kong and Macau.

During the period from July to September, the International Department of DHH Group send more than 10 thousand anti-pandemic supplies including N95 masks and other relevant items made in China with the value of RMB100 thousand to nearly 100 overseas associated law firms of EGLA and SCG.
In July, the Washington DC Office of DHH Group supported and attended the auction of collections of Anna Chan Chennault, widow of Flying Tigers' general, and acquired 10 precious fine art articles.


In September, the Saint Petersburg Office of DHH Group facilitated the intent to establish the Sino-Russia Bilateral Cooperation High Technology Industrial Park between the governments of Saint Petersburg and Shanxi Province, and acted as the long-term legal counsel for the Saint Petersburg government.

In October, the Washington DC office of DHH Group and the Chinese Chamber of Medium-Sized and Small Enterprises in US, together with the DHH law firms within China and the SCG associated law firms within US, as well as Shenzhen Qianhai Wanqi Asset Management Co. Ltd., launched the services for protection, escrow and disposal of the assets of Chinese companies and citizens in the US.


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