You Can Get Lawyers’ Help with Problems in Russia – 100 Daily + 20 Post-epidemic Legal Issues – was first published at Deheng Law Group Qingdao Office

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The launch of the new book You Can Get Lawyers' Help with Problems in Russia - 100 Daily + 20 Post-epidemic Legal Issues, which was organized by the Group's Russian business team and edited by the elite, was held on the afternoon of June 11th at the Blue Sea Art Museum on the 4th floor of the Group's Qingdao office, with the honor of invitation to the Wan Zhendong, the Qingdao City Justice Bureau party secretary and director, for the new book conference, while in-depth investigating the Deheng Law Group Qingdao office.  


The conference was hosted by Zhang Wen, the Senior Partner and Management Director of the Group. Director Zhang Wen said that on June 4, 2019, the lauch of the new book entitled You have the right to keep silent and ask for legal help—prevention and response to emergency risks in the United States, compiled by Beijing DHH Law Firm, was held in the Shanghai office of the Group. Chairman Luan deployed at the meeting that the Group will be organized by Russia, Japan, South Korea and other agencies with physical offices to organize the preparation and publish the 100 legal common sense for prevention and response to unexpected risks series of books for related countries in order to return customers, give back to the society, and fulfill the social responsibilities of the law firm. One year later, also in June, the book You Can Get Lawyers’ Help with Problems in Russia – 100 Daily + 20 Post-epidemic Legal Issues, edited by the Russian business team of the Group, was compiled and printed as scheduled. Today we witnessed the fresh release of this book both online and offline.

Yuan Yi, the Chief Partner of the Group's Russian business and Director of the Moscow office, delivered a speech. Director Yuan Yi expressed two thanks. First, thank the group, thank Chairman Luan for providing guidance and suggestions on planning of this book, and thank the domestic administrative team for their efforts in the publication and promotion of this book; Second, thank all the members of the editorial board, the writing team has invested a lot of time and energy in preparation of this book, and also achieved the result which is obvious to all. On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the DHH Moscow office, the writing team wrote this book, which is also a gift. Director Yuan said that the content of this book has two main characteristics, one is that the area covered by the question and answer is wide, and the applicable audiences are also comprehensive. The second feature is that the questions contained in this book are practical and grounded and the topic are all crucial, which also reflects that the members of the Russian business team know the actual needs and difficulties of Russian-related personnel and enterprises in Russia very well. This book will surely become a must-read for those who go to Russia.
(Director Yuan Yi online speech by ZOOM in Moscow)

Wang Tingting, executive director of the Moscow office of the Group and one of the editors of this book, spoke on behalf of the employees of the lawyers in Russia, You Can Get Lawyers' Help with Problems in Russia - 100 Daily + 20 Post-epidemic Legal Issues is the results of the collective wisdom of the DHH Moscow Office and the Petersburg Office. The questions and answers in the book are also very practical and based on legal practice, with the target group of overseas Chinese in Russia, Chinese-funded enterprises, foreign students studying in Russia and personnel who are on business or travel in Russian, etc. I hope this book can be widely used within the group and add to the glory for Russia business.
(Director Wang Tingting online speech by ZOOM in Moscow)

Cheng Tao, a partner of the Group and the head of the Russian business within the Group, delivered a speech on behalf of the domestic Russian business team. He said that the content of this book is very detailed and it is the hard work of the entire Russian business writing team. It is said that this book could be a survival book of Chinese citizens and companies in Russia, and it is a reflection of undertaking the social responsibility of our lawyers from domestic to foreign. Especially in the current epidemic circumstance, this book is written with 20 post-epidemic legal questions and answers in the COVID-19 Special Part, reflecting the timeliness and practicability. At the same time, this book also starts from the actual needs and reflects the intention and professionalism of the editorial board. From the past experience, whether it is an individual or enterprise already in Russia, or a potential individual or enterprise who intends to enter the Russian market, the initial needs are all related to legal issues, and this book also fits the specific requirements of these people.  

Senior partner of the Group, Li Yonglan, one of the editors of You have the right to keep silent and ask for legal help—prevention and response to emergency risks in the United States published in June 2019, put forward suggestions on the significance and the development of the new book, and hoped that the international service capabilities of the Group's foreign teams could be better promoted and developed by this series of books under the guidance and support of the Group.

At the end of the conference, Luan Shaohu, the Chairman of the Group's Partner Meeting, made a concluding speech. Chairman Luan said that the Group has been developing from Qingdao, a regional city, to the whole country for 26 years, with a more determined nationalization according to the established strategic deployment. The Russian business development and the far-reaching influence after the publication of this new book will surely affect the future development of the Group. The publication of this book is a manifestation of both social responsibility and the professional skills of our team. By expanding the Russian business market, we have achieved the Group's corner overtaking for international, which has attracted attention in the industry. This is also full of hard work of all Russian business lawyers. Looking back over the past five years, there have been more than 300 lawyers and employees who have traveled to and laid the foundation for Russian business. Russia business, as the core foreign competitiveness of the Group, will continue to carry forward. At the same time, Chairman Luan believes that in the face of fierce competition and the strategy of corner overtaking, all partners should have a broad mind. Chairman Luan quoted the verse of the famous French poet Hugo: The widest in the world is the ocean, The sky is wider than the ocean, and the mind of people is wider than the sky, with a vision to dance with the broad-minded people in Group.

Senior Partners Jiang Baoliang, Ma Xiannian and Ren Hui, Partners Qiang Yongmei, Li Qinghua, Xu Fangshu, Gao Xiaojie and Gao Haibin, Director of the Group Party Studio Xiao Jian, , and members of the business team in Russia, and the Youth Industry Committee Member representatives, and Luan Qian who is Qingdao Justice Bureau and went to the law firm for training, were invited to participate in this new book conference.Colleagues from the Moscow and St. Petersburg offices of the Group participated in this new book launch event through the ZOOM online under the epidemic in Russia.
The Abstract of the New Book

This book is based on the social responsibility of Chinese lawyer to serve clients and urgent clients. Under the influence of the epidemic, more than a dozen Chinese and foreign lawyers from the Russian business team of Beijing DHH Law Firm lived at home and collaborated to complete it, demonstrating the team spirit and collective wisdom. The book was edited-in-cheif by the Chief Partner of the Russian business Yuan Yi, Wang Tingting, and edited by Jiao Zixiao, Cheng Wanqi, Chu Jinzhe, Han Yixue, Li Luping, Chen Xi, Zi Xinyi, Li Xuebin, etc. (in the order of writing).

The first part of the book contains ten chapters, including: Entry Chapter, Transportation Chapter, Residence Chapter, Tourism Chapter, Study Abroad Chapter, Work Chapter, Business Chapter, Judicial Protection Chapter, Consular Protection Chapter, and Departure Chapter. The editor carefully selected and sorted out 100 practical questions and answers from the above aspects. The content of this book is not only suitable for overseas Chinese who live or work long-term in Russia, Chinese businessmen, Chinese-funded enterprises, and international students studying in Russia, but also suitable for Chinese who travel to Russia for short-term business activities. It is said that the content covered by this book could meet the basic needs of readers to carry out activities in Russia. In this book, Management Chapter is written in detail, which answers common puzzles for Chinese-funded enterprises in Russia.
The second part of this book is a special chapter on COVID-19. With the global spread of the epidemic, various countries have issued special policies and decrees in response to the COVID-19. In response to some of the policies and decrees issued by Russia during the epidemic, and the various degrees of impact caused by the epidemic to various fields, the editor brings readers the answer to frequent questions from aspects such as contract performance, trade import and export, tax, leasing relations, labor relations, and entry and exit of foreigners.
2020 is the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Moscow branch of the group, and this book is also a gift for the fifth anniversary of the Moscow branch. On the occasion of the publishment of the new book, all lawyers of Deheng Law Group wished clients and their staff a smooth career, a happy life, and a safe travel in Russia, and hoped that this book could provide useful information and help readers who are affiliated with Russia.

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