DHH Lawyers Got 3 Straight Wins in Arbitration of Cross-Border Rubber Trade

Release time:2021-03-01 16:02
Recently, Zhang Meiping, the Senior Partner of Deheng Lawyer Group and Director of DHH (Qingdao), and Zhao Xinchen, the Co-partner of Shandong Deheng, who represented a listed company in the arbitration of its dispute over cross-border block trade of rubber with a Hong Kong company, got 3 straight wins in the cases before the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC).

The dispute arose from the fund chain break of a rubber merchant, which affected materially the industry as well as the cross-border trade of our principal. Considering the huge amount involved in the case, in order to minimize the risks faced by the company, DHH lawyers sorted out relevant evidences and prepared case materials under a tight deadline, and then completed the effective preservation and submitted the application for arbitration at the first time, and managed to protect the principal’s legal rights to the greatest extent.

DHH Team Leaders
Zhang Meiping
Senior Partner/Executive Vice President/Managing Director of Cross-Border Investment and M&A Centre of Deheng Lawyer Group
Director of DHH (Sidney) Law Firm
Executive Deputy Director of Beijing DHH Law Firm
Director of Beijing DHH (Qingdao) Law Firm
Email: zhangmeiping@deheng.com
Tel: 0532-83869692      13863900969

Zhao Xinchen
Partner of Shandong Deheng Law Firm
Secretary-General of Legal Commission of Shandong Lawyers Association
Excellent Lawyer in Qingdao
Tel: 18253233185

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